Discovering Leland

Leland Hotel Stationery
Aurora, IL
Tracy Duran Collection
Tracy researching at
Aurora Public Library

Sky Club in Color! All photos colorized by Tracy Duran:

Grand Opening of Leland Hotel February 8, 1928 Part 2 -- Let's take a look inside!

Grand Opening of Leland Hotel February 8, 1928 Part 1 -- The Speeches, Entertainment and Menu


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  2. I have fond memories of the Sky Club and the Saddle & Spur [in the basement] from the late 50s and early 60's. I'm not old enough to recall The Plantation Room which was were my Dad proposed to my Mom after returning from the Pacific in WWII. Thanks for creating this site!

  3. My parents met while dancing at a "club" in the basement of the Leland Hotel in 1960. Dad has passed and Mom is racking her brain trying to think what it was called back then. Says it wasn't Saddle & Spur then but thinking maybe "Carousel". Any Info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do and for your time! Take care, Kathy Craig

    1. Hi Kathy! Sorry that there was a delay in getting back to you. I didn't get a notification. Anyways... I have it now :) There was another bar/club downtstairs of the Leland Hotel called "Spectrum". Would this be it?